Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers Testimonials

Kamron Doyle - Bowling Buddies UserOur recent study (survey) showed that 70% of bowlers said they would bowl more often if they could bowl in their own shoes and would even pay 50 cents to one dollar above the normal rental fee. The same survey also revealed that mothers would prefer their children wear Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers as opposed to rental bowling shoes.

Here are a few of the testimonials we received that evening:

“Long overdue. Would pick them every time.”

“I loved how I did not have to waste time putting another shoe on and giving up my shoes. I also liked the comfort and easy fit.”

“I like that it is more sanitary and disposable.”

“I liked it. It honestly feels nice to bowl in tennis shoes, sandals, etc. Great idea!”

“I like the fact I could wear my flip-flops.”