The Disposable Alternative to Bowling Rental Shoes!

Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers

Bowling Buddies Bowling Shoe Covers are disposable covers for street shoes designed to enhance the bowling customer’s experience and reduce cost for the bowling center proprietor.

Bowling Buddies Shoe Covers are fully functional, disposable shoe covers that are designed for a single session of bowling and are intended to replace the traditional rental shoe. They are also specifically designed to enhance the customer’s bowling experience by giving them the comfort of bowling in their own shoes as well as providing exceptional front slide and rear friction for a perfect game.

Perfect for everyday use as well as for large parties & events, each pair is individually wrapped and available in 3 sizes fitting 95% of all shoes. This packaging is specially designed to ensure the customer will be required to purchase a new pair each time they bowl.

As you will see on our purchase page, the covers are priced well below $1 per unit. This will allow you to charge slightly more on your rental to absorb the cost of the cover and continue to keep your revenue stream strong. Just think, you will keep on making money on your rentals without the enormous yearly investment on bowling shoes.

Our testimonials page will show you that your customer satisfaction will increase right along with your profits!